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Be Involved

There are so many ways in which you can Get involved with Funny Blood. You, your family, your business … the more people who know, the more likely we are to be able to support those suffering with PFDs. It’s not about the money, it’s more about sharing the story and raising awareness. Can you help?

  • Spread the word : tell everyone about us! Speak with your colleagues, friends and family so they can Get Involved, in a way that suits them.
  • Pop up a poster : add a poster to the wall of your office or friend’s shop, take some flyers and a collection box or two, so we reach as many people as possible.
  • Web-based support : add a web-link to your own website, follow our social media, retweet and repost, share our message.
  • Sponsorship : do you know anyone who is planning on running a marathon, climbing a mountain? Ask them to do it in aid of Funny Blood.
  • Fundraise : via a cake sale, car boot, BBQ or Auction to support us.
  • Cause of choice : show your ongoing support and make Funny Blood your business’ choice for fundraising throughout the year.
  • Fund : support our campaigns and projects by funding the design and print of materials such as fliers, posters, stickers etc.
  • Donate : provide prizes for future raffle and auction events or a toy to our Reloved campaign.

Fundraising Family

Funny Blood is proud to have a team of super-supporters – called our Fundraising Family – who are busy making plans to support and run events. Remember : All money raised goes directly to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. This is where Noah – and others like him – are cared for. They’ve saved Noah’s life, so let’s help them save others.


We’re also very lucky to have a number of local businesses who help fund our campaigns, so we can spread the word further. More about these businesses coming soon!


In order to keep raising awareness and making as many people as possible aware of PFDs, we run a number of Campaigns. Some are ongoing, some are one-offs. Some – like Wear Blue for Funny Blood – are pretty memorable! Our Campaigns have included :


Our latest campaign is simple yet very effective! Sort out your unwanted toys – they need to be in good working order, with no fur or fabric – and we’ll take them to the Haemophilia Unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital … and Acorns Hospice in Worcester, to be Reloved!

The response to our Reloved campaign has been so overwhelming that we’re sharing the toy donations with our local Acorns Hospice. It’s a lovely partnership with one local cause supporting another. Thanks for making it happen!

Donate Platelets

Working with NHS Blood and Transplant Service, Funny Blood is campaigning for more platelet donations. Platelets only last five days, so regular and frequent platelet donations are needed daily. Platelet transfusions are used to treat patients with blood disorders, like PFDs, as well as cancer and leukaemia etc. We’ve supported NHS Blood and Transplant in their Christmas Campaign by appearing on BBC Radio WM in order to raise the profile of platelet donation – which runs low at Christmas and New Year – so we can save more lives. Noah’s life has been saved by the donation of platelets, so it’s a campaign close to our hearts. More details of future support for this initiative coming soon!

Funny Blood has other Campaigns on the horizon and would love you to get involved! We’re looking for individuals and businesses to help support our campaigns, maybe with their time to deliver leaflets, fund the design and print of marketing materials, e-mail their contacts about us … anything you can do to help, would be appreciated!


West Midlands Ambulance Service

Funny Blood is excited to be working with the West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) to promote awareness of PFDs. Indeed, the General Manager for the West Mercia area, Michelle Brotherton, said:

We are delighted to be working with Funny Blood on highlighting this issue to our frontline staff. We will be offering sessions on Platelet Function Disorder to ensure our ambulance crews are aware of such a rare condition, should they come across it and know how to deal with it in the best interests of people like Noah.”

This project is really important to us and we’re delighted to be supported by the WMAS. It’s Ruby’s greatest wish that one day, when a paramedic attends a call, they have heard about PFDs and understand the pathway of care needed. Michelle went on to say she felt that :

It’s important for us to understand rare conditions such as Platelet Function Disorder so we can do the best for patients like Noah when we are called to help.”

The University of Worcester

Funny Blood is proud to be working with the University of Worcester – and Sanctuary Housing – on a number of projects. As part of their course, the first year Business students run events to raise awareness, funds and provide services on behalf of local causes and charities. Funny Blood has been chosen alongside Acorns, St Richards Hospice, Worcester Snoezelen, Age UK (H&W), Fort Royal and Worcester Animal Rescue Shelter to be supported by the students. So, keep in touch for some exciting news and events coming soon!


To give as much as possible to the students at the University of Worcester, Ruby worked with BPE Solicitors, Cheltenham to run a special lecture aimed at providing the students with a greater understanding of managing causes like Funny Blood. The subjects covered in the Lecture were invaluable in supporting business strategies and growth i.e. registering and running a charity, intellectual property and trade marks. BPE state that :

The internal structure of a charity may look similar to other businesses, but the legal structure is completely different.  We work alongside a number of charities to make sure they comply with charity legislation as well as ensuring that any fundraising events or competitions are legal and of course protecting the brand is vital.  Four of our Partners cycled 900 miles across Europe for charity this year so you could say we have a hands on approach to charities!  BPE is proud to be supporting Funny Blood and the work this incredible cause does in raising awareness of rare blood conditions.”

Plato the Funky Dragon

A while ago, Ruby created Plato the Funky Dragon (PFD) a friendly character conceived to help kids understand their condition. Plato was then brought to life by design genius Joe Phelan from F8.  In the near future, we very much look forward to using Plato to philosophically support kids living life with PFDs. The project involves super-talented author Helen Baugh and her fabulous rhyming skills! It’s very exciting indeed! More details soon!

Elspeth Van Der Hole

We’re excited about working with Elspeth Van Der Hole on an awareness raising campaign. Elspeth is a UK fashion photographer, backed by the Prince’s Trust and internationally published.

Elspeth said, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Ruby, Noah and the Funny Blood campaign happened to fall into my life path just by complete chance and it’s a cause that I would love to be involved in – both with raising awareness and funding. There are so many invisible illnesses and disorders out there that we need to be aware of and if I can use my love of photography to highlight the need for awareness of Platelet Function Disorders then bring it on!” So, watch this space …

Where Your Money Goes

All money raised goes to Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity. Funny Blood is dedicated to keeping its vision local, to directly and tangibly help children like Noah who suffer from PFDs.

As Ruby says, “The team at the Haemophilia Unit in BCH saved Noah’s life – it’s the least I can do to give something back – so let’s help them save more.”

 Sarah-Jane Marsh, the Chief Executive of Birmingham Children’s Hospital, who’s always been hugely supportive of Funny Blood, confirms that:

Platelet disorders are rare and can be difficult to diagnose, so the awareness raising and fundraising work of causes like Funny Blood is crucial to really making a difference for children and young people with these blood conditions.”

Anna Smith, Fundraising Manager at BCH, states:

It’s wonderful to hear of all the fantastic things you have been doing to support the Charity – thank you so much!”

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