IMG_47647 challengesThe students at Worcester University’s Business School launched their 7 Challenges today … a warm-up for their first Challenge against Davis Cup players – Danny Sapsford and Luke Milligan – at Pershore Tennis Centre on Saturday!

Matt Woolridge and his team-mate Rich Layton – along with Boyd Hargreaves, a Lecturer from the University of Worcester – warmed up with Head Coach Steve Bauer at Pershore Tennis Centre this morning, ahead of their 7 Challenges. This coming Saturday 17/1, Matt and Co will begin their first Challenge by trying to get 7 balls passed the Davis Cup players who are hosting the Tennis Centre’s Exhibition Day … it should be ace!

Pictured : Matt Woolridge and Rich Layton (Business Students at University of Worcester), Boyd Hargreaves (Lecturer, University of Worcester) and Steve Bauer (Head Coach, Pershore Tennis Centre).


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