Funny Blood - raises funds for research and awareness of platelet function disorders Raises vital funds for research and increases awareness of
Platelet Function Disorders


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What is Funny Blood?


Funny Blood is a registered charity founded to raise awareness of rare blood conditions called Platelet Function Disorders. Funny Blood raises vital funds for research and increases awareness of the condition. We do – because nobody else does.


Funny Blood now funds research grants


Applications are invited for grants up to £8,000 to support clinical or laboratory research into platelet function disorders. For details of the grant application process click here and supporting guidance can be found here.

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What is Funny Blood's aim?


Our aim is to raise significant funds to provide equipment and grants for research and awareness of Platelet Function Disorders.



What are Platelet Function Disorders?


Platelet Function Disorders are rare blood conditions that affect only 2000 - 5000 in the UK. The term 'Platelet Function Disorder' (PFD) could be applied to any condition where platelets do not work properly.

Platelets are small particles in the blood that stick together at sites on injury (for example after a cut) to form a "plug" and stop the bleeding. If your platelets don't work properly you bleed more than normal and this can vary from minor bruising to life threatening bleeding after surgery or an accident.

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How can Funny Blood help?


Funny Blood helps raise funds for vital research and has provided equipment and the funding of a Fellow at the University of Birmingham, ongoing care at Birmingham Children's Hospital and Contact a Family.


We provide grants for research into PFDs and raise awareness of the condition Nationwide.


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